Wondering What You’re Paying For? Breaking Down the Cost of Invisalign

July 19, 2015 admin

Wondering What You’re Paying For? Breaking Down the Cost of Invisalign

Many new patients are surprised to learn that the cost of Invisalign is just about the same as traditional braces. When it first hit the market, Invisalign cost a good deal more than wire braces. Fortunately, the price has come down significantly. With a wide range of payment and financing options, achieving a beautiful smile with Invisalign is easier than ever.

Invisalign offers two separate services:

  1. Invisalign Express is for those with very minor dental issues that can be resolved with just a few sets of trays. The base price for Invisalign Express is approximately $2000.
  2. Traditional Invisalign will treat just about anything that traditional braces would normally correct. The base price for traditional Invisalign is around $5000.

The actual cost of Invisalign varies for each individual patient, based on service provider, location, insurance coverage, and other factors. To help you try to plan for your possible Invisalign treatment, here is a basic breakdown:

  • You must first begin with an initial consultation to find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign. Many orthodontists offer a free initial consultation, while others may charge an office fee of up to a few hundred dollars.
  • If you are a candidate for Invisalign, x-rays are required in order to create your Invisalign trays. This costs roughly $500, depending on the orthodontist’s rates for x-rays.
  • Fabricating your Invisalign trays is done at a separate facility; this is not completed by your dentist’s office. Fabrication accounts for about $1000 of the cost.
  • The remaining charges are for your actual trays. Keep in mind that if you lose a tray, it costs about $50 to replace each tray.

The best way to find out what Invisalign will cost you is to make an appointment with Serenity Orthodontics. Don’t let the perceived cost of Invisalign scare you off; with insurance discounts and financing options, you may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable Invisalign can be.

While you wait for your appointment to get a better understand of the cost of Invisalign, we encourage you to click here to read our Oral Hygiene page to learn how you and Serenity Orthodontics can collaborate to keep your smile beautiful.