How can you tell the difference between a general dentist and an orthodontist

April 5, 2016 admin

Jonesboro orthodontics

The internet has ushered in the Information Age. We all use google to understand medical and dental recommendations but the plethora of information has also opened the door for misinformation and confusing conflicting articles available in top searches for the consumer.

One form of misinformation in the public domain is that someone who offers braces or Invisalign is an orthodontist. Unfortunately this leads to botched braces. Luckily there’s not a recorded death of a patient from a poor orthodontic results. However, patients do lose thousands of dollars and time (priceless) in treatment with a primary care or general dentist. Some unlucky patients loose teeth as well from poorly executed treatment plans.

To preserve your teeth, wallet and result your best bet is to verify that you are seeking orthodontic treatment with an orthodontist.

Ask your doctor these simple questions and save yourself or child from a botched result.