Floss Your Child’s Teeth Daily

January 7, 2022 admin

When you first start to brush and floss daily, you might experience sore gums and tired jaw. It’s the daily repetition and consistency that will benefit your child over time. You will start to notice areas where floss might catch it between your child’s teeth and you may have to use a more gentle floss such as Glide from Oral-B. You may notice that your floss may not be cleaning out all the areas good enough. You may need a tougher waxed floss. The american academy of pediatric dentistry recommends that along with daily home care, one of the best ways to fight gingivitis and periodontitis is to visit your local pediatric dentist to evaluate for a prophylaxis cleaning or scaling and root planing. You can find the best pediatric dentist in Jonesboro Ga and the best pediatric dentist in Clayton County Georgia. Our doctors have achieved the highest level of education and are available to care for your child in a comprehensive and specialized way.