How far can a tooth move?

May 2, 2016 admin

Jonesboro How far can a tooth move

“Doctor is it possible to move just this one tooth?”

Orthodontic tooth movement occurs because of the unique periodontal ligament that surrounds teeth. Orthodontists learn biomedical principles and applied physics to move teeth in a safe healthy and esthetic way. Forces applied to ligaments that support our teeth allow tooth movement to occur. These forces must be applied carefully by a specialist to avoid unaesthetic or unhealthy movement.

A single tooth can be moved with auxiliary appliances. Teeth can also be moved by external pressures such as finger sucking or swallowing patterns. Braces move teeth as an arch because they are connected to multiple teeth. The forces applied are affecting all the teeth this allows for the best orthodontic results. It is important to move and align all teeth instead of just the one snaggle tooth.

The average tooth can be moved around 4mm. Treatment options presented by your orthodontist in Jonesborro GA, are meant to maximize esthetics and function in relation to tooth movement.

Orthodontists can also manipulate jaw bones through braces and orthopedic appliances to help achieve bite correction and the smile of your dreams.

Orthodontic tooth movement with Braces, Damon Braces, Clear braces, Invisalign can be evaluated in a free consult at your Jonesborro GA orthodontist. Call to schedule your appointment at Homegrown Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics with Orthodontic specialist Dr Susan Podray.