What Orthodontist Offices Can Tell You About Your Orthodontist

July 19, 2015 admin


Details of orthodontist offices provide clues about the level of care you can expect. The physical environment implies the type of orthodontist practicing there. A smile that looks good often comes from orthodontist offices with the positive indicators below.

The number of doctors may indicate the level of personal attention you’ll receive.

Smaller offices with one orthodontist may be preferable. A smaller office may still house multiple administrators to handle financing, billing, scheduling, and check-in. A single orthodontist guarantees the same doctor will handle your entire treatment.

An orthodontist familiar with your mouth offers custom treatment for you and quickly spots any changes from the norm in your case. As your treatment progresses, big decisions about your mouth are made between you and a doctor with whom you have history. A holistic view is preferable in healthcare. Your allergy to latex gloves and desire for alternating colors for the rubber bands of your braces are important personal details a familiar doctor will recognize.

A convenient location signifies customer commitment.

A location in a safe neighborhood is a no brainer. A central location with proximity to homes, schools, and offices means the doctor considered the customer in selecting a commercial space. Ample free parking is another perk to get you in and out of orthodontist offices on time and with ease.

A well-maintained waiting area suggests an organized office.

Magazines suited to the audience and clean bathrooms are not trivial in orthodontist offices. These factors imply overall attention to detail. A meticulous waiting area signals reliability. Appointment timing, accurate patient records, and no hiccups in billing your insurance are expected. A patient’s life is always easier when an organized office contacts them the prior day to confirm via a phone call, text, or email. Nothing is worse than showing up for an appointment when you weren’t expected or missing an appointment because you forgot all about it and had no reminder.

Items hanging on the wall show knowledge and experience.

Diplomas, certificates, awards, and testimonials on display show your orthodontist has book smarts, continuing education credits, and satisfied patients. The services of a certified orthodontist are likely to be covered by your insurance. Up-to-date credentials means the orthodontist offers the latest in alternative and innovative treatments. Treatments like Invisalign were not always part of the curriculum. Orthodontists with continuing education credits learn and implement the latest innovative treatments in their practices.

Testimonials and smiling patient pictures demonstrate experience and happy customers. It’s likely your case will join the endorsements. References will also be available to understand the treatment experience.

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