The Question Every Parent Is Asking: How Do Braces Work?

July 19, 2015 admin

If you never had braces and your oldest child is ready for treatment, it helps to know how to answer this question: How do braces work? Even if you have past experience, the technology has improved over time. Think lighter weight, better durability, and improved comfort. There are also new and improved alternatives to traditional metal braces. It makes sense to get a refresher course.

Your knowledge of the treatment process will allow you to make the best decisions for your family and contribute to a positive outcome for your child. You’ve probably checked wikiHow, eHow, and How Stuff Works in the past. So, here we’ll learn a bit about orthodontics.

How do braces work mechanically?

Braces mechanically straighten the teeth and align the smile. For traditional metal braces, metal bands installed on the back molars anchor a metal guide wire in place. High-grade stainless steel brackets cemented on the outer surface of each tooth are insertion points for the wire around the arch of the mouth. Elastic bands around the brackets hold the wire in place. During monthly appointments, the orthodontist will tighten the guide wire and replace the elastic bands promoting dental alignment.

How do braces work at home?

Proper home care will promote dental hygiene during the treatment process and the most efficient treatment duration. To clean the teeth, floss may be threaded through the space between each bracket. In addition, brushing at a curved angle around the gums and brackets will effectively remove plaque. Chewing hard candy and gum will be restricted and some foods should be chopped for smaller bites. Think about slicing an apple instead of biting into it with the front teeth. Food grade wax may be used to eliminate any discomfort from the appliance on the soft tissues of the mouth.

How do braces work emotionally?

Understand that your child may take some time to adjust to the look of teeth during treatment. Reinforce positive thoughts by referencing the positive outcome to expect: a smile to grin proudly about for a lifetime. Or think about suggesting new elastic colors for the next holiday. In addition, your child may be a candidate for non-traditional, less conspicuous alternatives to braces. Braces are very common and becoming somewhat of a rite of passage for teenagers to improve the appearance and function of their teeth.

How do braces work economically?

The good news is braces are affordable and a plan is available to meet your budget. Insurance normally covers a lifetime orthodontic benefit for dependents. In addition, look for an orthodontist with a no interest plan to finance the treatment. Discuss your budget with the office staff to get a clear idea of the treatment options available and the full treatment cost.

Book your appointment today with Homegrown Orthodontics in Jonesboro Georgia to understand how do braces work as a dental treatment option for your child. You’ll feel good putting your child’s smile in the care of a professional who can answer all of your questions.