Zirconia Crown

Pediatric Dental Crowns

When decay or damage compromises the structural integrity of primary teeth, a Zirconia crown might be the ideal solution recommended by your pediatric dentist. These crowns offer several benefits: 

  1. Protection: They safeguard both primary and permanent teeth that have undergone treatment for decay, fractures, or other issues, ensuring their longevity and functionality.
  2. Placeholder: When placed on a primary tooth, they serve as a placeholder until the permanent tooth emerges fully. This maintains proper spacing and alignment, preventing complications like crowding or misalignment. 

Both primary and permanent teeth play essential roles in safeguarding the gums, jawbone, and adjacent teeth. Preserving these teeth with Zirconia crowns promotes straight and healthy growth, averting complications like drifting. 

Your pediatric dentist will assess your child’s unique needs to determine the most suitable material, which may include Zirconia. While each type of crown has its pros and cons, selecting the right one ensures optimal oral health tailored to your child’s specific circumstances. 

For further insights into Zirconia pediatric dental crowns and personalized recommendations, reach out to our pediatric dental office today. We’re committed to ensuring your child’s dental well-being with the most effective treatments available.