There has been a great deal of interest lately in teeth whitening, and not just among adults. It is well known that children can consume too much soda or candy, which can stain their teeth in addition to causing cavities. It is also possible for permanent teeth to appear darker when compared to baby teeth, which are naturally lighter in color.

Teeth whitening could be a great option to restore your child’s smile to its best picture potential if they are concerned about the color of their teeth.

How safe is teeth whitening for children?

While teeth whitening is generally safe for children, there are a few guidelines to follow. Your child:

  • Must be at least 14 years old.
  • Have all permanent teeth erupted
  • The enamel on their permanent teeth must be fully calcified
  • All orthodontic treatments (like braces) should be completed

It’s important to make sure teeth whitening for your child is a safe, effective process that delivers successful results.

What is the best time for my child to begin teeth whitening?

As per the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAPD), you should not use teeth whitening for your child’s teeth until all their baby teeth have fallen out and their permanent teeth have erupted. You should wait until your child is 14 years old before whitening their teeth.

By the time a child reaches 14, their permanent teeth are likely to be strong enough to withstand teeth whitening agents. Teeth whitening may cause sensitivity or soreness before 14 years of age.

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