Your Top Four List Of Orthodontist Job Requirements

July 19, 2015 admin


Ensure all of your orthodontist job requirements are met before you commit to a provider. When you choose any doctor for healthcare, you’re making a buying decision. Remember the first car you owned that you purchased with your own money?

It was likely a big step and a significant financial investment. You did your homework. You took it for a test drive. You negotiated with the salesperson. You cringed when passengers arrived with drinks and loose fitting lids.

It’s a fact that most patients research their car buying decision more than their healthcare providers. For one, it’s sometimes easier to find the specs on a car. You can build and view your hot rod with an online simulation tool. Don’t let digging for information about your healthcare provider stop you from meeting the top four orthodontist requirements.

#1 Credentials

Did you know an orthodontist starts as a dentist? But all orthodontists have taken a step beyond dental school. They move from undergraduate, to dental school, to post graduate training as an orthodontist.

In the post graduate phase, they become a specialist in malocclusion or the treatment of a bad bite. The way the teeth fit together becomes their specialty as they get real world experience on cases. Even with positive patient outcomes and a fancy office space, you’ll want to check the credentials of your orthodontist.

The doctor’s alma mater needs to be accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. In addition, membership in medical associations is a good sign your doctor is committed to continuing education and the latest treatment methods. Look for members of the American Dental Association (ADA), the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), and other orthodontist societies in your region.

#2 Experienced

A diploma and association membership already means your orthodontist has some experience treating patients. But how much? In your orthodontist requirements, look for a doctor whose been practicing for a couple of years. When you visit the office, check for visual patient testimonials: pictures of smiling happy customers.

#3 Affordable

An investment in your smile is wise but make sure the care is within your budget. First, see if the orthodontist is in the provider network of your health plan. You’re likely covered by a lifetime orthodontic benefit. Next, ask the office staff to estimate your complete cost. One of your orthodontist requirements should definitely be one who offers flexible financing options.

#4 Convenient

A flawless on paper orthodontist in another state is probably not the best fit for you. Find an orthodontist near your zip code. Monthly appointments will be easy to keep and your orthodontist will be nearby in the event of any issues during the treatment process.

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