What You Need To Do Before Your First Orthodontist Appointment

July 19, 2015 admin


You’re probably both nervous and excited before your first orthodontist appointment. Be assured you should be excited about the beautiful smile in your future. A little homework before the orthodontist appointment ensures you’ll have the best possible new patient experience.

Check out the orthodontist on the web.

A professional website organized with plenty of links for new patients is a sign of a reputable orthodontist. First, check the contact us page for a map and driving directions. The about us page will help you get to know your orthodontist. It’s always nice see your doctor is a real person who understands your concerns and questions.

Pay particular attention to the links of treatment options. You certainly don’t need to be an expert in any of the treatment plans; your orthodontist will take care of that. But a little homework on your part gives you the background to ask questions at your orthodontist appointment. It also eliminates fear from uncertainty. The orthodontist will steer you to the best option for you at the actual appointment.

Get a clear idea of your budget and any financing concerns.

Arrive at the orthodontist appointment with your most recent dental insurance card. It will help the office coordinators estimate the insurance coverage expected for your care and bill your insurance for visits. You know your budget better than anyone so your homework will help the orthodontist office work out the best financing option for you. Expect flexible payment terms and no interest financing from an affordable orthodontist.

Arrive with your family’s schedule and commit to being available for a monthly appointment.

Bring your calendar to the orthodontist appointment. It will aid in scheduling your next visit. You can easily compare the best time for reoccurring appointments in your daybook to the hours of operation at the office. Penciling in your next appointment early will eliminate last minute shuffling. When the office calls a day in advance to confirm your appointment, you won’t be surprised.

Bring your health history, a list of medications, and a list of questions.

As part of the new patient intake process, you’ll fill out a complete health history at the orthodontist appointment. It’s easier to arrive with a handy list of medication name, dose, and frequency than to guess. Include your vitamins in the list.

Sometimes during a visit, a question important to you will escape your memory. The orthodontist will have patients to see after you so use your time wisely. Coming armed with a list of questions will assure your concerns are asked and answered face to face during your visit.

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