Three Things That Won’t Happen During Teeth Straightening Programs

July 19, 2015 admin

Teeth straightening programs from your orthodontist can have great results. You can look forward to a healthy bite and a beautiful smile. But what should you expect during treatment? Here are three common fears that have proven to be fiction. The tooth fairy is not the only myth in dentistry.

Myth #1: Teeth straightening patients have low self-esteem.

Many people start teeth straightening programs.  More and more people realize that an aligned smile is achievable and worth the effort. Both teens and adults who think about the end result have a positive mindset during treatment. In addition, the treatment options are more flexible and less conspicuous. Invisalign gives an undetectable look and allows patients to eat and clean their teeth normally.

Myth #2: Teeth straightening procedures result in constant discomfort.

Some patients like to take an over-the-counter pain reliever the day they get their braces tightened or trays replaced. Initial sensitivity wears off quickly. Patients adapt well to eating, speaking, and sleeping during treatment. The reality is you’ll be able to carry out most of your normal activities during teeth straightening. Instead of drinking all of your meals in smoothie form, you’ll be able to chew most foods by cutting them into smaller pieces and biting with the back teeth.

Myth #3: Teeth straightening expenses leave you eating ramen noodles every night.

Many orthodontists offer flexible and no interest financing options. An aligned smile is within reach for all patients. The office staff will be able to present the total treatment cost and help you sign up for a payment plan that works with your family’s budget. In addition, most insurance companies offer a lifetime orthodontic benefit for you and your dependents. It’s clear that straight teeth are an important component of not only aesthetics but also health, so it makes sense that the procedure is covered by your dental insurance.

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