Three Cool Facts About Advanced Orthodontics

July 19, 2015 admin


Ready for these facts about advanced orthodontics to change your smile? We’re always upgrading. It’s tempting to supersize a fast food value meal. Rapidly-changing technology can enhance our phones, tablets, cable packages, and even our running shoes. Why wouldn’t you want to enhance your teeth, too?

Now, it’s time we elevate our health. Here are three cool benefits and facts about advanced orthodontics:

#1 Treatment Options

Say goodbye to one size fits all stainless steel braces. The options in advanced orthodontics are more comfortable, more effective, and less conspicuous.

First, braces are composed of new materials, and orthodontists have updated methods of application. Ceramic braces match the shade of teeth for a less noticeable look. Lingual braces are located on the tongue-side surface of teeth for a completely undetectable application.

Second, braces are not the only option to align the smile. Clear alignment trays like Invisalign can be used to straighten the teeth in a manner that doesn’t impact cleaning, eating, or photos.

#2 Flexible Financing

Today’s orthodontists are financially savvy. Homegrown Orthodontics in Jonesboro, Georgia offers treatment plans and flexible no interest financing. In advanced orthodontics, budget concerns will never get in the way of a healthy and beautiful smile.

#3 Pre-Screening and Follow-Up

Advanced orthodontics is about the whole package. Your initial visit to the orthodontist will not be a rushed or confusing experience. Instead, your initial consultation brings to light your treatment options and your total plan cost. Once both you and your doctor are comfortable moving forward, you’ll proceed with a plan that typically includes monthly visits. After treatment is complete, expect an appropriate maintenance plan with advanced orthodontics. Your risk of teeth not retaining their new position will be eliminated.

Homegrown Orthodontics is not only your friendly neighborhood orthodontist in Jonesboro, Georgia but also up-to-date on the latest treatment plans. Contact us today if advanced orthodontics is the standard of care you want for your smile.