The Unconventional Guide To Braces For Teenagers

July 19, 2015 admin


An early orthodontic visit diagnoses whether there is a need of braces for teenagers. For children with developing teeth, an orthodontist assesses early whether the teeth are extending into the mouth in the right position. The doctor starts a comprehensive dental history record which remains with patients throughout his life.

Consider these factors in a teenage treatment plan:

Treatment Alternatives

Teenagers are great candidates for dental alignment due to more pliable teeth not as rigidly fused as an adult patient. They are also prime candidates for non-traditional dental alignment techniques. Teens can be harsh with each other, and teasing can lead to hurt feelings and insecurity in an already shy or sensitive child. More cosmetically pleasing alternatives to stainless steel braces like ceramic braces and Invisalign trays keep treatment less noticeable.

Other adventurous teens love the Wild Smiles braces alternative. The customizable brackets with unique shapes and interchangeable rubber band colors suit some teenagers perfectly. Coordinating her outfit with her mouth or her colors to a holiday meets an adolescent’s need for self-expression. With choices in treatment, braces for teenagers have a high success rate in patient satisfaction.

Office Selection

Besides selecting the appropriate time for and type of braces for teenagers, parents must choose the appropriate office. Consider the experience of your orthodontist in treating teenagers. A patient orthodontist and a good personality match between doctor and patient elevates satisfaction with treatment. Teens want an orthodontist interested in their concerns and hobbies. The personality, activity level, and habits of the patient factor into an orthodontist’s treatment recommendation.

An office location near their school keeps teenagers from missing homework assignments, after school activities, sports, and hobbies they enjoy. The right office also accepts your insurance plan. Teenagers covered under a parent’s insurance provider are often offered a lifetime orthodontic benefit.

Long Term Health Benefit

An aligned smile is also an insurance plan for the teeth. Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss. These dental habits prevent plaque and eliminate the bacteria which cause tooth decay. Neighboring teeth and the soft tissues of the mouth are safe from damage caused by a crooked bite.

Your teenager may be embarking on an educational journey to college. The college experience can be even better for students who have the confidence a beautiful smile offers. Presenting orally, networking, and making lifelong friends are easier with a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing smile. The self-esteem boost of an aligned smile in the teenage years is an attribute carried into adulthood.

Confident teens become confident adults. Early intervention with braces for teenagers gives your child something to smile about for the longest period of time possible. Learn more on our website to see whether braces for teenagers may benefit your growing family members.