The Real Information You Need On What Orthodontist Braces Cost

July 19, 2015 admin


Consider the orthodontist braces cost before moving forward with a treatment plan. The total cost includes not only the physical braces but also orthodontist office visits, x-rays, plaster molds, and retainer fees. Factors impacting overall cost are listed below.

Starting state of a patient’s mouth

If your teenager needs a simple overbite alignment, expect to pay less. A pre-treatment consultation may identify your child needs dental work prior to treatment. If the work extends beyond deep cleaning at a dentist, the cost goes up. Some patients need a tooth extraction to prevent overcrowding and prepare the mouth for dental alignment.

Braces type

Stainless steel is most common; other types to consider are ceramic and lingual. The less common types require a bigger investment but offer a better fit for some patients. For patients allergic to metal, the choice is clear.

Mid-treatment variability

Most patients require a single office visit per month to support continuous alignment of the teeth. At this visit, the orthodontist tightens the braces. Certain types of braces mandate more frequent office visits. In addition, different sets of teeth move at varying speeds. All patients have unique bone structures. If the patient experiences delayed progress, her treatment may call for more frequent or longer duration visits.


At the end of treatment, many patients require a retainer. Some patients wear a retainer during the day and others only at night. Patients who take care not to lose a retainer require only one.


Many insurance companies cover a lifetime benefit to cover orthodontist braces cost. Your responsibility covers a portion of the treatment with copayments. Some companies restrict cosmetic only treatments. Fortunately, the cosmetic plus functional nature of orthodontia reminds insurance providers of a treatment’s medical necessity.

Financing options

An understanding doctor offers patients financing options for orthodontist braces cost. Those without adequate savings to cover a lump fee choose a financing option. Expect to pay zero interest in a financing plan for your treatment at Serenity Orthodontics.

Your hometown

Rural areas differ from a big city. Within a city, the patient who negotiates and compares finds differences between doctors in orthodontist braces cost. Certain doctors pay more in overhead for office space and staff. Discuss cost concerns with your orthodontist to achieve the best rate in your area.

Besides the initial cost of braces, consider your cost avoidance. Aligned teeth are easier and less expensive to care for, so you’ll be able to reach everywhere you need to floss. Fewer cavities and less plaque lead to smaller dental bills in the future. Consider the self confidence arising from an aligned smile to be priceless.

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