The Most Surprising Things You Don’t Know About Orthodontist Offices In Atlanta

July 19, 2015 admin

At first glance, orthodontist offices in Atlanta, GA look like a typical medical office. Sure, it has a waiting room, front desk, and guest bathroom. You’ll be called for your appointment before you enter the back where the real work begins on your smile.

A seasoned patient knows a few things that might escape a first time visitor. Walk in with these surprising facts and you’ll look like a pro. At least, you’ll be more comfortable knowing what to expect. Take a magnifying glass to the orthodontist office with these details.

It takes a village to offer excellent patient care.

The orthodontist office might house one doctor. However, staff supports the doctor in offering you the best treatment possible. First, the friendly front desk administrator will greet you. The front desk pages the doctor when patients arrive and also handles scheduling, billing, and medical records. The back office staff supports the doctor directly in treating patients. The back office provides clean tools to the doctor to work on your mouth and might help the orthodontist advise you on home care.

Teenagers aren’t the only patients who visit an orthodontist office.

An orthodontist can benefit mouths across the age spectrum, from children as young as seven through adulthood. Young children might see the orthodontist to check that the teeth are descending into the mouth in the right position; it addresses any abnormalities early. Adults may need a visit for issues not corrected during their childhood or new issues due to trauma as an adult. So an orthodontist treats patients with both genetic and environmentally caused malocclusions at any stage in their lives.

You don’t need to walk into the orthodontist office with a fistful of cash.

Most insurance plans will provide you a lifetime orthodontia benefit. After all, orthodontic treatment plans are both aesthetic and functional in your health. In addition, any good orthodontist office will offer flexible financing options. Your first appointment is the right time to discuss any financial concerns. Detailed payment plans and no interest financing may be available to you. Remember you’re investing in your lifelong smile but the plan should be affordable.

Appointment scheduling at an orthodontist office is an art form.

Consider the best time for you when you schedule an appointment. A flexible office will have lunch, evening, and Saturday hours that fit your busy schedule. If you’re always in a rush, consider the first appointment of the day. If you need a quick visit, call the office and ask about cancellations. They do pop up from time to time. Another option is to call the office prior to leaving for your appointment. The office staff can confirm the doctor is on time so you can be in and out with record speed.

Call Homegrown Orthodontics today to reach an orthodontist office in Atlanta, GA  with expert answers to any of your treatment questions. You’ll find your only surprises are pleasant ones.