The Experts Explain The Alternatives To Braces

July 19, 2015 admin

The Experts Explain The Alternatives To Braces

Orthodontists deserve a pat on the back for alternatives to braces.  Alternatives to braces are jumping outside the brackets and outside the box. Braces provide a traditional method to achieve straight teeth. A patient receives brackets bonded to each tooth. The orthodontist tightens a metal wire inserted into the brackets at monthly office visits. Gradually, the braces straighten the teeth.

Accenting the stainless steel brackets with colored rubber bands offers one improvement for trendy teens. Replacing the stainless with ceramic presents a more inconspicuous look for adults. The alternatives to braces today open even more possibilities.


The brand name for clear plastic teeth aligners is Invisalign. Clear plastic trays fit snuggly over the teeth. The trays are worn for the majority of the day and changed every 2 weeks. A mold of your teeth ensures the proper fit of this custom device.

The Invisalign alternative to braces offers many advantages. Removable trays allow for efficient teeth cleaning. Thorough brushing and flossing is easy to achieve without a threading device. Many patients defer braces because they want something more inconspicuous. Invisalign offers an invisible solution which boosts self confidence during the time of teeth alignment. Your photos in those Instagram shots will look flawless. Food and athletic activities are unrestricted. This option reduces the pain and sensitivity of repositioning the teeth.

Lingual Braces

Can braces pull a disappearing act? With lingual braces, they go incognito. The orthodontist places the brackets on the inner tongue side surface of the teeth. This alternative to braces appeals to vanity but also to function. A saxophone player uses a lingual option without compromising his craft.

Damon System

Of the alternatives to braces, the Damon System looks most similar to the traditional. The key visual difference is no rubber bands: a bacteria and pressure source. Teeth are cleaner and treatment is less painful. The system uses shape memory wires to naturally guide teeth into place. The results of the Damon System are broader smiles with a less flat front profile. Case studies show beautiful wide tooth grins of naturally aligned teeth. This system aims for a uniquely natural result, rather than just a more comfortable process.

Wild Smiles

For the fashion forward patient, brackets are available in shapes that express your style. A quarter back might want footballs. A cheerleader may accessorize with stars. Soon the whole stadium shows off some new charms. Wild Smile bracket quality is consistent with traditional brackets. Wearing braces just becomes much more fun.

Today’s patient should consider their lifestyle but also cost and treatment time. One of these alternatives to braces may be a good fit. Serenity Orthodontics offers each of these options. Visit a local orthodontist for more details and pictures of alternatives to braces.