The Biggest Ways Straight Teeth Affect Your Self-Confidence

July 19, 2015 admin

Straight teeth are an outward feature, but lead to internal self-confidence. Ladies, have you ever worn make-up on a day you knew you wouldn’t be leaving the house? Or men, have you cleaned up the outdoor patio even when you weren’t having a barbeque anytime soon?

Straight teeth promote self-confidence even when you aren’t chewing, speaking, or posing for a photo. Like make-up and cleanliness, they allow the owner to look good, to feel good, and to be in good health even when no one is watching.

Straight teeth look good.

Even if you don’t linger in the bathroom, you look in the mirror at least a few times a day. Aesthetics are important not only within our culture but also to our internal self-confidence. When you like what you see in the mirror, you’re more likely to take risks, go after your goals, and reach your full potential.

Straight teeth feel good.

Besides chewing, teeth can impact speech and jaw comfort. Life requires plenty of communication and much of it will be oral. From friendly banter and job interviews to important speeches and presentations, your verbal communication skills will benefit from the pronunciation possible with an aligned smile. In addition, aligned teeth keep your jaw in a stable and comfortable position, preventing conditions like TMJ and grinding.

Straight teeth are healthy.

You probably know seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day are ideal for health. But, did you know straight teeth promote health as well? The health of your gums and the soft tissues of the mouth depend on aligned teeth. It’s easier to clean straight teeth and access all of the spaces in your mouth for brushing and flossing. You’re also less likely to damage soft tissues of the mouth during physical activity.

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