Retainers, why we need to wear them. Night time for a lifetime.

February 26, 2016 admin

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Teeth move throughout our lifetime. Our hormones, bone levels and habits all effect the positions of our teeth. This is why pacifier, thumb habits, nail biting and swallowing habits impact your child’s bite and smile. As we age our teeth shift over time as our muscle and bone balances change. Most people will experience more crowding of their teeth as well as collapse of their dentition over the course of a lifetime. Luckily orthodontic treatment can move the teeth into a healthy bite and create a pleasing smile for anyone 6-99.

Once your orthodontist finishes your phase 1 treatment or comprehensive orthodontic treatment then you will be instructed on how to wear your retainers. Wearing your retainers reminds your teeth nightly to remain in a straight position, as movement in your mouth will happen, whether you are a kid, teen or adult, even after treatments such as Braces, Damon Braces, Clear Braces, and Invisalign.

The first 3 months of retainer wear are critical for your bone around the teeth to strengthen to the new positions. After 3 months retainer wear is still important to help your body retain the straight tooth position. If you don’t wear your retainers after a week small spaces and rotations are most common. After a month you can expect your bite to change most often increasing in overbite and overjet. Your orthodontist can’t predict how much relapse will occur as every patient is unique.

If you lose your retainer contact your orthodontist for replacement retainers to stop any shifting from getting worse. If you find your old retainers after a period of time without wearing them, then you are lucky! Wear them! If they feel funny contact your Clayton County orthodontist for a retainer check to verify that the fit will hold your teeth.

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