Info For Parents: Six Ways To Make Sure You Find The Right Kids’ Orthodontist

July 19, 2015 admin

There’s most likely plenty of orthodontists in your area, but Homegrown Orthodontics ensures the best treatment outcome for your child. Fortunately, it’s easy to spot an orthodontist who works well with children. Just use the checklist below.

1. Convenient Location

A location near your work and your child’s school is best. Monthly appointments will be required during the treatment plan to tighten braces or obtain new alignment trays. Popping in and out of the office without missing meetings or afterschool activities will be easier.

2. Flexible Hours

Look for weekend, evening, and lunchtime hours. Flexible hours are also a sign that the doctor will be available in an emergency and willing to answer questions that arise after the appointment. Think about pre-booking your next appointment to get your desired time slot.

3. The Resume Check

A dental diploma and post-graduate training as an orthodontist are no brainers. But references and customer testimonials of other successful children’s cases are valuable. Look for an orthodontist with experience treating children. Children have less rigid bone structures and less mature mouths. A kids’ orthodontist will be able to properly assess the appropriate dissent of teeth into the mouth. Abnormalities can be diagnosed and corrected early.

4. The Personality Test

A kids’ orthodontist is personable, understanding, and attentive to detail. Children are more likely to comply with treatment and enjoy appointments when an orthodontist takes an interest in their hobbies and lives. Orthodontists with children of their own have a unique understanding of a child’s challenges adhering to new dietary restrictions and home care recommendations. Attention to detail means that home care strategies will demonstrated clearly for your child.

5. A Variety of Treatment Options

Plenty of treatment options means your kids orthodontist will select the right treatment for your child. Your teen may prefer a more inconspicuous look from ceramic braces or Invisalign teen. An orthodontist trained in a variety of procedures can choose the treatment plan right for the lifestyle, goals, and bone structure of the child. A limited orthodontist will try to make the patient fit the treatment, not the other way around.

6. Affordable Payment Options

Even if your insurance covers an orthodontic benefit for your dependents, make sure your kids’ orthodontist offers a payment plan and realistic pricing for the complete treatment. You want to be comfortable with how the treatment, maintenance, and appointment pricing will fit into your family’s budget.

Homegrown Orthodontics checks off all six boxes. Book your first appointment with Homegrown Orthodontics today. We look forward to proving to you why parents need to look no further for their child’s orthodontic care.