How To Tell If You’ve Found An Affordable Orthodontist

July 19, 2015 admin


In your quest for an aligned smile, you’re probably looking for an expert but affordable orthodontist. An orthodontist with a trusted reputation is a must, but you’re also on a budget like the rest of us. The good news is you can have top-notch orthodontic care at a reasonable rate.

Investing in your smile makes sense. A functional and aesthetically pleasing grin will benefit you the rest of your lifetime. From interviews, to social events, to smiling for pictures, you’ll feel confident with an aligned smile. A proper bite is comfortable during everyday activities like eating and speaking. It’s also safer during physical activities and easier to clean supporting good dental hygiene.

Here are some questions to ask to ensure you’re investing wisely.

Is the orthodontist covered by your dental plan?

Most dental plans will offer a lifetime orthodontia benefit for you and your covered dependents. An affordable orthodontist will be one in your dental plan’s network of approved providers.

Besides the initial consultation and longer appointment to start a treatment plan, you’ll be visiting the orthodontist office once every 6 to 8 weeks for check ups.  However, if you choose Damon Brackets, you can extend your offices to every 10 to 12 weeks.. A monthly visit allows braces to be tightened or Invisalign trays to be replaced. With coinsurance at each visit, the copays that are your responsibility are lower.

Besides reduced costs to you, an orthodontist in the dental plan’s network more than likely has the proper credentials, training, and experience. Consider your research on accreditation complete.

Does the orthodontist offer financing options?

Payment plans can be a lifesaver when you need orthodontic treatment. Many affordable orthodontists offer no interest financing. Flexible payment plans on your own terms can be designed to fit any budget. Look for office administrators to give you personal attention on financing. Administrators can explain your financing options at the first visit and answer any questions.

Have you heard any customer testimonials or checked out the waiting room?

Other happy customers are a clue you’ve found an affordable orthodontist. Other patients know they have options in choosing an orthodontist. Like you, they want to make a wise investment. If the waiting room is a ghost town, you either scheduled a very early appointment, or other customers were smart enough to find an affordable orthodontist.

Homegrown Orthodontics in Jonesboro, Georgia never lets cost get in the way of creating a healthy and beautiful smile for our patients. At your initial consultation, you’ll sit down with one of our dedicated office coordinators to see a complete list of what’s expected from you. We’re covered by most insurance programs and offer flexible payment plans. Contact an affordable orthodontist to ask about no interest financing options. A sparkling smile doesn’t have to cost a fortune. An affordable orthodontist lets you have it all.