How Does Early Orthodontic Treatment Make A Difference?

July 19, 2015 admin

What is orthodontics? Like brushing your teeth every morning, early orthodontic treatment has proven benefits for the young patient. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends children be seen as young as seven years old. Here are some of the primary benefits of early orthodontic treatment.

Early orthodontic treatment instills confidence and self-esteem at a critical stage of development.

Children are subject to taunting and bullying due to their appearances. With a comfortable, attractive, and aligned smile the stage is set for your child to make friends confidently. Prepare the way for success in school and social activities. Allow your children to speak, eat, and socialize without worrying about their smile.

Early orthodontic treatment prevents problems before they start.

Though a dentist can instill good dental hygiene and home care routines, an orthodontist is the right specialist to check your child’s bite. Malocclusion means a “bad bite.” It’s what orthodontists are trained to treat and correct. An incorrect bite can wear teeth excessively and lead to jaw pain and instability. So an orthodontist’s role is not just aesthetic. It’s part of overall dental health.

Even children without all of their adult teeth are candidates for the orthodontist. A trained specialist can check whether the teeth are descending into the mouth in the right position and recommend an appropriate treatment approach.

Early orthodontic treatment helps you reap the greatest return on your investment.

Your smile stays with you for life. Early intervention promotes a healthy and beautiful smile that is easy to maintain over the long-term. Home care for aligned teeth is simple for the patient. Children can use proper flossing motion, up and around teeth in a C-shape, and brush thoroughly when overcrowding and misalignment are not concerns.

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