Hiding Your Smile? 3 Reasons To Consider Visiting An Orthodontist Specialist

July 19, 2015 admin


Many of us dread a trip to the dentist, but an orthodontist specialist has a way of getting us to smile. As long as you’re not a model doing editorial fashion shoots, I bet you were told to “SMILE” the last time you were photographed. From school pictures to headshots, we smile to complete the photo.

If you’re not proudly smiling while others are say “cheese,” consider the top three reasons to see an orthodontist specialist. Look forward to confidence and self-esteem. Not only will the appearance of your smile improve, but also its functional role in your life.

1. How many friends do you have on Facebook? Get social confidence.

Smiling conveys warmth and friendliness. These attributes are sure to help turn a new acquaintance into a friend. Do you perceive people crossing their arms in conversation as standoffish? Facial expression is even more impactful than body language in making a first impression. An orthodontist specialist expands your social network.

Besides friends, an orthodontist specialist can improve your relationship with colleagues. It’s easier to be confident in a business meeting and network with associates when you’re confident in your smile. Job interviews are stressful enough. Worry about answering the next question rather than hiding your smile.

2. Is your self-esteem tank running low? Look and feel your personal best.

Inevitably, your appearance influences your feelings of self worth. Of course there are other ways to promote self-esteem, but appearance is certainly one of them. Let an orthodontist specialist align your smile. It’s a beautiful way to show the happiness you feel on the inside, to the outside.

People with high self-esteem are on track to be high achievers. Many patients in their teen years are gearing up for life changes like college or first careers. Feeling their best will only increase the likelihood of success for teens.

3. Does your day start with “good morning” and breakfast, and end with dinner and “good night”? An aligned bite makes chewing and talking easier.

With three square meals a day and plenty of friends and family cell phone plans, we’re chewing and talking a lot throughout the day. An aligned bite makes chewing safer and more comfortable. Crooked teeth can damage the soft tissues of the mouth or the surrounding teeth during the high forces of chewing.

Talk to children missing their two front teeth, and you’ll start to realize the effect teeth have on pronunciation. Public speaking is scary enough without dental misalignment to get in the way. An orthodontist specialist can improve your speaking ability and comfort.

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