Braces Or Invisalign? The Pros And Cons Of Each

July 19, 2015 admin

Either braces or Invisalign can effectively align your teeth. Though the outcome is similar, the treatment process is not the same. Check out this list of pros and cons for braces or Invisalign. It will help you understand what the right treatment might be for you or your child.

Braces or Invisalign? Consider braces pros and cons.

Braces are the more traditional method of aligning the teeth. They consist of metal or ceramic brackets bonded to the teeth. A wire inserted into the brackets is continuously tightened each month during the treatment process to achieve an aligned bite.

Braces pros:

  • The treatment has been used for a longer period of time so has a larger quantity of cases with positive outcomes.
  • Almost all orthodontists offer braces as a treatment option in their specialty.
  • For patients at risk of non-compliance, it’s a quicker treatment path.
  • The treatment look can be customized with Wild Smiles in Jonesboro, Georgia brackets and colored rubber bands.

Braces cons:

  • The treatment is highly visible when smiling and in photographs.
  • Patients with compromised gum health or pre-existing dental health conditions may not be good candidates.
  • The treatment brackets and wires require no gum chewing and a restricted foods list so they don’t pop off.

Braces or Invisalign? Consider Invisalign pros and cons.

Invisalign is a more modern method of aligning the teeth. It consists of clear plastic trays carefully molded from impressions of the mouth. The trays are worn the majority of the day and night. Patients receive new tighter trays about every six weeks during the treatment process.

Invisalign pros:

  • The treatment is less noticeable and even inconspicuous to others during conversation.
  • The trays can be removed for eating, flossing, and brushing the teeth.
  • Maintaining good dental hygiene is easier during treatment. No threading through brackets is required.
  • The cost is comparable to braces for the average patient.

Invisalign cons:

  • For non-compliant patients who remove the trays too frequently, treatment can take longer.
  • Trays can be lost or misplaced requiring replacements, which could lead to additional costs.
  • Patients with severely crooked teeth are not always good candidates for Invisalign. The process could take too long or the method may not fully align the teeth.
  • The cost can exceed the price of braces for patients with exceptional alignment needs.

While a pros and cons list sheds some light on your treatment options, the best way to decide is to visit a professional for an evaluation. Contact Homegrown Orthodontics in Jonesboro, Georgia for a consultation to help in your choice between braces or Invisalign. We have years of experience with both as effective treatment options for our proudly smiling patients.