How To Find The Best Children’s Orthodontist

July 19, 2015 admin


Every orthodontist needs to be a good children’s orthodontist. A children’s orthodontist aligns teeth during the optimal age. The bones of an adult fuse and move in a less pliable manner. Consider these factors when searching for the best children’s orthodontist.

Operating hours

Does the orthodontist offer appointments before and after school? Children involved in after school activities like clubs and sports need later evening appointments. Saturday and weekend hours benefit parents with 60 hour work weeks. Children need a chauffeur, so consider the best time for parent and child.


A location near home or school benefits children. A proximal location keeps them from missing extended classes or activities.


Children’s hospitals exist for a reason. The facilities customize treatment for children. They contain the proper sizes of medical equipment and tools for a child’s body. In the same way, a children’s orthodontist has tools and equipment that fit a child’s mouth. Check the magazines in the waiting room to see if they offer any appropriate for teenagers as your first clue.

Treatment Options

Are there a variety of treatment options? Children benefit from customizable and inconspicuous options. Customizable options put them in control. With choices, they support the treatment plan restrictions more easily. Perhaps an opportunity to change the color of their rubber bands excites them for their next appointment. Inconspicuous options eliminate teasing concerns. Critical peers lose the ability to poke fun at clear aligners. At Serenity Orthodontics, we offer Wild Smiles and Invisalign for teens.


Is your children’s orthodontist a match for personality? A technical and efficient orthodontist might work great for an adult. Some adults want all the scientific detail or need to rush back to the office for a meeting. A child might prefer a more personable orthodontist that asks about her hobbies. A children’s orthodontist understands the difficulty in maintaining an open jaw position for extended periods and the difference in a child’s pain tolerance. A less aggressive orthodontist offers a plan with less discomfort, albeit a slightly longer treatment timeline, that benefits many children.

Patience is a virtue for a children’s orthodontist. The rules and restrictions of food and gum can be difficult to follow. A patient orthodontist will address slip-ups and understand the new regimen takes time for adjustment. The patience of your children’s orthodontist will come in handy when that piece of peanut brittle breaks a bracket in the first week.


How many years has the orthodontist been practicing? Two to three years of additional training after dental school should suffice. Before-and-after images help, along with patient testimonials. Your children’s orthodontist should provide references upon request.


Your dental insurance plan through your employer most likely covers an orthodontic benefit for your dependents. Check to see whether the orthodontist is within the provider network to control cost.

The American Association of Orthodontics suggests that children be seen for an orthodontic consultation by the age of 7. At that age, the orthodontist can advise of any functional orthodontic problem and when the appropriate timing for treatment is indicated.

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