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The Right Time for an Emergency Orthodontist Visit

OrthoEmergency-300x200Is an emergency orthodontist the lead character in your favorite medical show on DVR?  The medical storylines of good television rarely portray an emergency orthodontist. Most medical emergencies that thicken the plot involve high speeds, violence, and a large quantity of blood. Good advice counsels us to avoid a crowded waiting room, patient triage area, IV bags, electric paddles, and lung ventilators with a home remedy available for the issue.

Plan to solve the following orthodontic issues at home:

Soreness As the teeth gradually move, the mouth feels sore. Over-the-counter pain relievers and warm salt water rinses alleviate discomfort. Topical anesthetics from the drugstore work too. Soft tissue abrasion A mouth full of metal sometimes pricks the gums, inner cheeks, and tongue. Orthodontic wax stops a misbehaving wire from aggravating the soft tissues of the mouth. The orthodontist distributes small packets of food grade wax which the patient also picks up from a drugstore. Even the trays used for dental alignment may irritate the gums. A nail file used by the patient smoothes any rough edges on the tray. Lodged foreign debris Braces act like a lint collector around certain foods. At home, threaded dental floss, a toothpick, cotton swabs, and proper brushing techniques work wonders to remove edible artifacts.

The following orthodontic issues warrant an emergency orthodontist visit:

Mouth Trauma The metal in a patient’s mouth makes injury to the area more traumatic. If bleeding does not clot or teeth are loose, the patient needs an emergency orthodontist. Fixed Device Detachment If brackets or wires that are normally fixed become loose, the immediate threats are swallowing, choking, or inhaling the unfastened objects. An emergency orthodontist is needed to address these urgent dangers. The long term risk is the device not working as intended to produce alignment. Therefore, treatment time may be delayed. Unusual Symptoms These symptoms are not on the orthodontist’s home care sheet. Pay attention to these atypical flags. Pro-longed pain several weeks after a visit or sudden movement of teeth signal an abnormality that should be checked by your doctor. Redness, swelling, and rash alert for a possible allergic reaction to the metal in your mouth or the latex used by the doctor. A popping sound from the jaw points to joint misalignment that should be checked, to rule out orthodontic treatment as the cause. Though you may not need a gurney or an ambulance, certain dental issues warrant an emergency orthodontist. Exercise caution during treatment and follow home care instructions carefully. Pay attention to changes in your mouth during treatment and alert your doctor as appropriate. Homegrown Orthodontics in Jonesboro, Georgia advises patients on home care and provides professional care when you need it. Visit us to make the right choice in an emergency orthodontist.