Three Reasons To Take Advantage Of A Free Orthodontist

July 19, 2015 admin

Reputable dental alignment professionals offer an orthodontist free consultation. The appointment is a no pressure environment to share information beneficial to dental health. The meeting allows a patient to window shop without the fear of commitment. With medical doctors becoming busier and medical procedures more expensive, the service is a great value in healthcare today.

Here are three reasons to schedule a free consult with an orthodontist:

1: Expert answers are hard to find on Google.

A savvy patient arrives at a consultation appointment with an orthodontist armed with a list of questions. Here are some great inquiries to get started:

• What treatments might benefit me?
• What are the treatment alternatives?
• Am I a good candidate for one of the alternatives?
• How long is the treatment period?
• What is the frequency of appointments?
• What are your office hours?
• Will long-term maintenance be required?
• What is the cost?
• Do you offer payment plans?
• Is my insurance plan accepted?
• Will I need to miss any days from school or work?
• How long before I resume all normal activities?
• How will my eating or sleeping patterns be impacted?

You’ll get reliable information tailored to your unique circumstances. No more filtering the web for precise answers from an accurate authority.

2: No cost, no pressure.

The consultation is free – no money out of pocket, no bill to the insurance… just free. Your only investment is time, and you can schedule your consultation at a time that works for your schedule.

The doctor also invests time in your health. A reputable orthodontist never sells or pushes a patient. Instead, the doctor offers information with no obligation to commit to a treatment. Answers to financial questions about treatment allow the patient to comparison shop. Gauge finances, comfort level with the doctor, proximity of the office, and the right time for a treatment in your life at no cost.

3: Your consult is the first step toward a healthier mouth.

Take a proactive role in dental health. An aligned smile and comfortable bite benefits you no matter what you’re doing: sleeping, eating, smiling, working, talking, and more.

You might have an a dental alignment issue that prompts you to seek a consultation, and we’ll definitely discuss any issues you believe are marring your smile. But you may be surprised to know that most patients have other dental issues as well. The great news is that often, a single treatment program takes care of more than a single orthodontic issue.

The treatment recommended may treat function and appearance simultaneously. Maybe all you’ll notice is how happy you are with your new smile – but your health will also benefit from overbite alignment for more functional chewing. Or, maybe you’re ready to straighten your crooked front teeth with a cosmetic alignment. Not only will you have a straighter smile, leading to more social confidence but it will also be easier to clean your teeth.

You can even schedule your free orthodontist consultation online with Homegrown Orthodontics in Jonesboro, Georgia.