5 DIY Survival Hacks for Adult Braces

October 6, 2015 admin

First let me say I have a love hate relationship with my adult braces. My name is Tammy and I have learned to live in braces. Yes, the first week is rough but it is WORTH it! After 8 months in treatment I have discovered some tips to share that will make your orthodontic journey easier.

Wires slip out of place especially in the beginning while flossing and using proxy brushes. For a Damon bracket or a terminal brace, slide the wire back into place with a tweezer. If you can’t grip it cut the wire carefully with nail clippers. You Tube has some great videos!
For a bracket that is separated from the tooth secure it with orthodontic wax and schedule an appointment with your orthodontist for an extra care repair visit.
My lips would be sore and mouth would be sore after adjustments. Dry the area of the brace or wire with a Q tip or paper towel and place orthodontic wax.
Let me say it again if your mouth is sore. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water, 2 tablespoons per cup to help soothe a sore mouth from braces pain.
Lightly toast your bread before making sandwiches. This helped me keep my braces clean while enjoying lunch with friends.
Quick shout out to my orthodontist. I chose to get my braces at Homegrown Dental with Dr. Susan Podray. The staff have all be fantastic and I love my results. Homegrown Dental is the best! Thank You!!

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