2 Ways An Orthodontist Can Increase Your Smile And Self Esteem

July 19, 2015 admin


An orthodontist provides a unique kind of therapy to improve your self esteem.  Though teeth clearly serve a functional role in our lives, an orthodontist never ignores their aesthetic role. Addressing both the functional and aesthetic roles of teeth achieves the best patient outcome. Improving the smile is an external change with dramatic internal consequences. What can both a therapist and orthodontist achieve for the patient? Patients of all ages consistently report a significant boost to their self esteem after bite and teeth alignment.

1.  Functional bite alignment

The human bite is defined as the way teeth fit together. A functional bite makes chewing and swallowing comfortable. The action of eating is safe for the rest of the teeth and the other soft tissues in the mouth. Patients no longer fear social situations that involve eating in front of others. Almost every gathering with family and friends, all holidays and special occasions, includes a tradition of food. What would Thanksgiving be without turkey and stuffing? How about having a Fourth of July barbeque with no hamburgers and corn on the cob?

An orthodontist can help achieve a comfortable bite, which allows you to enjoy the events in your life, along with the snacks and refreshments, without worrying about the act of chewing. A proper bite impacts speech and pronunciation. It allows for easy conversation with other guests. In our often loud and always food-focused culture, patients enjoy more moments with others rather than missing opportunities to connect.

2.  Aesthetic smile appearance

Unlike a favorite handbag, a flashy necklace, or a trendy scarf; our smile is an accessory we never take off. A confident smile conveys friendliness to your new acquaintance, happiness to someone you love, and collaboration to your interviewer for a new job. An aesthetically pleasing grin is always sexy when you are searching for your soul-mate. A positive smile conveys a team player attitude that might score you the job.

A full smile lights up a room and a photograph. The owner of straight teeth proudly grins when happy and laughs when teased. Any therapist counsels us to appropriately display our emotions. Smiling should be second nature. At Homegrown Orthodontics, we leave the owner of every smile content with the appearance of her teeth. Everyone should smile without restraint.

Both adults and children may benefit from the professional help of an orthodontist. The reward for temporary treatment is a permanent self esteem boost from Serenity Orthodontics.

Consult your Jonesboro Orthodontist at Homegrown Orthodontics about ways to improve your self esteem today. The journey is worth the reward.